The Man Who Laughs

July 20, 2009

Inspiration for Batman's The Joker.

Inspiration for Batman's The Joker.

Conrad Veidt.

Conrad Veidt.


7 Responses to “The Man Who Laughs”

  1. al saulso said

    wonderful!!! conrad veidt was the man!!

  2. stunning man…beautiful work…incredible face expressions…

  3. beautiful-expressive face…gift to history of film

  4. Pedro said

    The original Joker

  5. Ray M said

    Batman creator Bob kane got the idea of the character from the playing card joker.He was that photo and got the idea to frature himi as the super villain in the Batman comics.The rest is history played on TV by Cesar Romero and in the movies by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

  6. pr2 said

    bob kane did NOT create batman

    • speculativism said

      Before Batman in Detective Comics there were pulp magazines like the Shadow and Doc Savage. Before the pulps there were the English “Penny Dreadfulls” and in those a popular character was “Spring Heeled Jack”. You can search in Google images of Spring Heeled Jack to see where the look of the Batman comes from.

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